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Grout Re-Coloring Tips and Tricks From A Professional

When debating on re-coloring your grout you really need to be absolutely certain that this is for you. I personally only recommend re-coloring of grout as a last resort.


Because once you re-color your grout you have to be diligent in using a neutral floor cleaner to do maintenance, as opposed to chemicals with Acidic or Alkaline content. Once you re-color there is no going back unless you want to spend a good chunk of money to remove the color and recolor again, or remove the grout.

So, is Re-Coloring for you?

  1. You had your grout cleaned by a professional and it still has a lot of stains.
  2. Your white grout has become a yellow eye sore
  3. You are selling your home and want to transform the look of a room with a fresh color
  4. You have kids and want permanent stain protection

If you can related to one of the above 4 re-coloring may be for you!

Before you can Re-Color your grout you need to make sure that you have a Ceramic or Porcelain floor. Re-coloring is NOT mean’t for natural stone. I also don’t recommend re-coloring in showers.

Take a small drop of acid such as vinegar into an inconspicuous area and see if it bubbles on the floor. If it does then stop and don’t even think about re-coloring your grout. If it doesn’t then you can proceed.

Make sure to clean your grout really well. I highly recommend calling a professional to clean your grout with an Acid so that the pores of the grout are etched and ready for re-coloring.

grout colorAfter a thorough cleaning allow your tile and grout to dry for 24 hours. Select a color from a Grout Color Guide such as the one to the left. I highly recommend the usage of a grout stain that is a durable urethane acrylic.

I prefer to use Tex-Rite Grout Colorant. Mapei (Lowes) is a decent product as well. I do not recommend Home Depots Grout Colorant, it doesnt apply well and fades very fast.