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Should I Seal My Tile and Grout?

When having your tile and grout professionally cleaned or if you made a DIY project out of it, you may find your self wondering if you should seal your tile and grout.

To Seal or Not To Seal?

You ABSOLUTELY should seal your tile and grout after a thorough cleaning.


Because a sealant will keep dirt from entering the pores of the grout and allow for the grout to come clean with each cleaning after. Sealant is a vital part of every cleaning. With Natural Stone it is vital that a sealant is present on top of the tile to ensure the longevity of the floor.

While every grout line should be sealed, not all tiles should be sealed. Many homeowners make the mistake of applying waxes or other types of sealants on both the tile and grout. Wax should never be used on your floors!

These are the rules for sealing of specific floors

Ceramic Tile– Seal Grout Only (Water Based Sealer)

Porcelain Tile– Seal Grout Only (Water Based Sealer)

Natural Stone– Seal Tile and Grout (Solvent Sealer)

Some Natural Stones can also have a gloss coating such as Slate or Saltillo. This gives the surface a beautiful wet look and seals the grout at the same time.

How long does sealant last?

A common misconception is that once the grout and or tile are sealed it lasts forever. This is completely false. Sealants typically will last between 1-3 years under ideal conditions, Meaning proper maintenance with a neutral floor cleaner.

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