Who Has The Best Crawfish In Katy TX?

Being in Katy TX we get to enjoy some of the best mud bugs around. But who has the Best Crawfish?

I’m personally a big Fan of Cravin’ Cajun! But I also LOVE Goode Ole Boys, which in my opinion has the best restaurant atmosphere in Katy.

One thing that I’m a fan of from Cravin’ Cajun is that they are synced up with Uber Eats. Can’t be delivery Crawfish! It’s also a big bonus that they have some of the best seasoning around. I’m particularly fond of their House Special on Medium heat. I honestly don’t know what they do to it but I’m in love with it! Getting their Hot or Atomic however is asking for tears… Great flavor but I prefer to not salt my food with tears. They are a bit pricier than most but are definitely worth the extra money per pound.

Good Ole Boys has the best pricing for Crawfish and it also has an awesome Cajun flavor. What I particularly like is their Deviled Eggs, it’s really hard to find a restaurant that does this right! Price, Value, and Taste are huge and this place is the best of all worlds.

Enough about what I like… Who do you guys think has the Best Crawfish in Katy? What about all of Houston?

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